I have the answer for you-

A Feel Better Box!

Feel Better Box specialise in Get Well Soon Gifts. They have care packages for Cold & Flu, Hospital stays, Bed rest, Cheer up gifts, New Mums care packages and everything in between to help a friend or loved one feel better- how amazing right!

In order to help their clients that little bit further they have launched a directory of Feel Better services that aims to help you feel better and recover from chronic illness, injury, health and life coaching, physios and everything in between. The aim of Feel Better Box is to deliver the best possible service in helping everyone feel better in any they can, so I am beyond honoured to be included in their directory of feel better services!

I also had a chat with Sarah, founder of Feel Better Box and asked her a few questions so we can get to know her and her biz- check out what she had to say

Interview with Sarah

Founder of Feel Better Box

1. We’d love to know a bit about you, how would you best describe yourself in 5 words?

Optimistic, Humble, Happy, Fun and Loyal.

2. What inspires you?

People who give life or their careers and passions their best go. The go getters, the ones who let no obstacle stand in their way. I read their stories, I have worked along side them, I meet them at networking events, I absorb the information speakers have to give and file it away for the use with the next opportunity that I create.

3. Where did your idea of the Feel Better Box come from?

It all started when I became sick at home with my two young children and my husband was away and I had no family living in the same state as me. When we all recovered, I reflected on the miserable week at home, alone and lonely and wondered what might have helped me feel better. And the idea of a Care Package came to me. If someone had sent me a parcel in the post with remedies to help me recover and items to entertain and lift my spirits, the week wouldn’t have been so awful.

4. What kind of care packages can we find on your website?

Hopefully for all occasions to help someone feel better. From Cold & Flu care packages to Hospital stays and Bed rest, Mens boxes, New Mums and babies, Pick me up boxes and Chemo Care Packages. If there is something you would like to custom, I can do that also.

5. What are some of your favourite Feel Better tips?

Keep hydrated, drink herbal or iced teas. Run a warm bath to ease the pain in your body from flu or Gastro. Take the time you need to recover, slow down and heal. Be kind to yourself and look after yourself, sometimes we are so busy looking after others, we put ourselves on the bottom of the pile. Take probiotics and build up your immune system from your gut and listen to your instincts if life is getting too much. Get plenty of sleep!