Guess what?

Accepting yourself is literally the way to become MORE of what you want.

Do you accept yourself as you are?

Such a simple question but I bet many of us struggle to answer it HONESTLY.

If you had of asked me that question five years ago, I would have said yes within a heart beat. Fast forward to now, and I realize I was far from it!

I was constantly trying to be someone else. Constantly trying to fix all these things I thought were wrong with me and still feeling miserable at the end.

All I wanted was validation. Validation, love and acceptance.

Isn’t is crazy how we want all these things from others but we don’t even give it to ourselves?

Not anymore! Here are my top 5

Self-Acceptance Hacks


So you want to stop hating yourself and start loving yourself? Great! Make a promise to yourself that you are ready and willing to commit to a new life of self-acceptance.


If you catch yourself self-loathing pull yourself up on it. CHOSE not to believe the negative chit chat. Intentionally talk back to yourself with positivity and love!


Take some time to list all the amazing things about you (and yes we all have amazing things about us including you!). What are some things people compliment you on? What are you good at? What  Let’s embrace and celebrate them!


No one is perfect! Put all the energy your using to compare, into being nicer to yourself. Start worshiping you. Start praising yourself, complimenting yourself and showing yourself the love and validation your seeking from others.


What do you appreciate about yourself? What are you and your body capable of? Never forget the power of gratitude!

If you need inspiration on radical self-acceptance try these 5 easy hacks. Head to for the full article.