Coaching with me is all about becoming the woman you want to be and creating the ultimate life you desire.


PACKAGE TWO – Breakthrough Series

What you can expect:

Session 1 

Before you go anywhere you have to know where your starting!

In session 1 we will create your own personal break through roadmap. In this session you will;

  • Get real and specific about the emotions and feelings your experiencing within
  • Dissect the imbalances in your life which are getting you down and causing anxiety and overwhelm
  • Uncover the ‘stories’ which are creating disempowering beliefs and ultimately leaving you feeling unworthy and stuck
  • Become your own scientist by debunking these stories, detaching yourself from those which aren’t serving you and as Tony Robbins says, ‘divorce the story to marry the truth’!
  • Take a good look at what it is you’ve allowed in your life compared to what it is you want
  • Allow yourself the freedom to explore your vision. How you want to feel as a woman, as a person and how you want to show up in this world

Session 2 

This is where we stop doing meaningless things that don’t drive us towards our overall vision and start taking inspired action!

In session 2 we get real about your vision and happiness with clear, focused goal setting and tangible action planning. In this session you will;

  • Discover the key indicators in life; your values
  • Create powerful goals full of depth, feeling and meaning
  • Align your values and your truth to your goals so that you are getting absolutely everything you deserve
  • Determine what actions you can do right now to connect with yourself and your vision

Sessions 3 – 6

It’s time to cut the BS, take responsibility and be the powerhouse of everything around you!

In sessions 3- 6 we hone right into your powerful goals and actions. Throughout these sessions you will;

  • Uncover impressive accomplishments that are building life-long foundations
  • Discover any roadblocks, internal blockages or issues and explore ways to overcome them
  • Become vulnerable (yikes!) as you learn to trust in yourself and the world
  • Unpack the anxiety bag and fill it with courage and confidence
  • Form self-empowering and positive habits that see you accept and love who you really are
  • Expand your mind and your heart to make way for your incredible future
  • Tweak your actions as you transform into a stronger, more confident and resilient you
  • Get addicted to progress as you continually reflect and celebrate all your achieving

Session 7

Did someone say breakthrough!

Session 7 is our last session together but trust me, this is certainly not the end- it’s just the beginning of another exciting, magical, blissful chapter! In this session you will;

  • Be glowing and full of motivation as we go through your journey and our time together
  • Be busting to set new goals and actions to start you on your next chapter
  • Be backing yourself- quite simply, because you believe in yourself!
  • Be celebrating!

Investment: $800 US

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